Seminary Road HOV Ramp at Last

New I-395 HOV Ramp originally scheduled for September completion is finally scheduled to Open in December 

You heard it here folks… for those of us that live off Seminary Road, we will finally be saved from the dangerous traffic snarl at Seminary and North Beauregard!   

After what seems like an eternity of construction, the long awaited and way overdue I-395 HOV ramp onto Seminary Road, near Mark Center, is now tentatively scheduled to open in December 2015.

Two thru-lanes will be added in each direction on Seminary Road highlighted by a dedicated left turn lane from Seminary westbound onto the HOV Ramp. As with other HOV lanes, the lane will be controlled with gates to prevent use when not permitted. Since the powers that be could not manage to build a new four lane road, on weekday mornings, the HOV ramp will be for northbound traffic, and the new ramp will be an “off ramp” for those turning left or right onto Seminary road. In the afternoons, the HOV will be for southbound traffic with the ramp acting as an “on ramp.” 

The construction will also include a much needed, new pedestrian bridge that will extend from Southern Towers/Mark Center Ave over I-395 to Seminary Shopping Center. The bridge will include improved fencing and lighting to provide as safe of a pedestrian experience as possible. 

This opening also marks another alternative for employees commuting along the I-95 corridor, as this change will help add carpools, vanpools and slugging lines. Make sure to check VDOT’s website and for the latest updates.

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