Peak Producers – Day 5

Wow!  Finishing up our first full week of Peak Producers has been awesome!

What a great group of agents we have working hard to not only grow their business but toHow would you like three extra transactions this quarter? learn how to better serve their clients’ real estate needs.

So often times people really do not see the value an agent brings to the table, usually because they genuinely do not understand exactly what it is that we do bring to the table.  True story, about eight years ago I interviewed a gentleman that wanted to join my company.  When I asked what interested him in the real estate business he replied that he had just closed on a house and when he saw that the agent make $30,000 for taking him and his wife to lunch and showing them a few houses he decided he wanted to get into real estate as well.  Either one of two things happened, this guy had a really lame duck agent or the agent did not do a sufficient job relaying the value that he/she provided.

Our Peak Producers are definitely learning how to show their value and better assist their clients in the process.  I cannot wait to see what week two brings!

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